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seems to have been brought under timberland shirts control

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    seems to have been brought under timberland shirts control

    Suddenly Abu Lang picked up a shoulder of a small walkie-talkie, "Hey! Shi Lu received please answer!" Abu Lang wanted to let the people inside look at Ye Xueyao whether the security is still, Abu Lang usually very cautious, Like anything in their own hands.
        Did not answer, "Hey! Shi Lu?" Or did not answer, Abu Lang did not wrinkled suddenly stopped, and then facing the front of economy class inside personnel gesture may be the first class which happened.
        Economy cabin all the men quickly enter a state of war, Abu Lang took the men handed a small telescope, he took toward the first class in front of the window and looked, and suddenly found a few figure is at the door. holding a weapon, which is clearly not his.
        "Bad, which seems to have been brought under timberland shirts control." Abu Lang said people around him, and then picked up a communication device, said: "outside the first group of roundabout to the head, the first class as it were brought under control , are important to us hostage inside to ensure that they stay inside. "
        Then Abu Lang picked up a shoulder walkie-talkie, said: "cab, I was Abu Lang!"
        Received by the Executive, there are what give the order. Think of a voice in the walkie-talkie, "first class inside an accident, it seems to be under control, and the inside of the soldiers have lost contact, you take people to see. be careful. "Abu Lang said.
        "Yes!" And then the man hung up the phone and neat.
        Chu Yun-wind they see Abu Lang actually aware of the footsteps to stop, then the economy class all the culprits muzzle moving in this direction, he realized that have been found. Just pick up the phone that a bandit chieftain, is in the layout of the attack.
        "How to do?" Bears the child aside and asked, "but also how to do, wait and chant," said Chu Yun-wind.
        Suddenly the door of the cab knocked move a few, just as Chu Yun wind in order to prevent the robbers came in, they used an iron box card in there, basically open from the outside, Komago immediately wary, and then middle-aged bodyguard side come support the gun.
        Have not walked a few steps, "Boom!" Sound  timberland outlet shop violent explosion from the upload to the door, the thick doors to be opened, heat waves, shock waves, brought about by direct red to turn away from the recent Komago him on his back the past.
        But so fortunately, has not been much harm, but his face into the black male hair was lit only that middle-aged bodyguard is about to be firm, twisted to one side of the seat.
        A violent explosion brought the cabin inside the debris flying, and some of the bombing of The pieces of small things, in short, the first class which chaos into gruel, terrified hostages out of the central to Chu Yun-wind side running, you want to hide in the economy over there, but have not had time to reflect, "Da Dada!" shots rang out, this time coming from economy side, shot through the door to fight over .
        Qin Feng *** they dodge to avoid, but timberland jeans those passengers were not so good quality, shot down a few people, the rest of the passengers went, in the opposite direction to run, the blood stained immediately in front.
        The Ye Xueyao be flow squeeze to squeeze sudden situation, Komago, and middle-aged bodyguard too late to protect Yexue Yao Chu Yun-wind they did not pay much attention to, after all, not to protect the character and goals, this time of Ye Xu

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