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  • New HPC Performance Tuning Paper Available

    Aleksey Savateyev, one of the Microsoft HPC architects in the platform evangelism team, just released a new white paper on performance tuning for applications on CCS 2003. You can find this and many other valuable resources on the Microsoft HPC community portal . Go to windowshpc.net to find out more...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 06-24-2008
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  • More Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 for Free

    Thank you all for the email and for registering on the Windows HPC Community Portal. And yes, I have received more copies of CCS 2003 SP1 that I will give away for free. As with the previous set of freebies, please go to http://windowshpc.net and sign up as a member. Once you have signed up, send me...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 03-12-2008
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  • Try Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003 for Free

    You have checked out our community portal for HPC, www.windowshpc.net , and have downloaded a few of the samples, maybe the LINPACK code and now what? Where the heck do I get the bits to try CCS? There are a few option for you. Read 'till the end! You can go to Microsoft Connect and register for...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 03-04-2008
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  • Resources for HPC development – not only on Windows

    Phil put together a collection of resources relevant for HPC development. I hope you find these resources useful in your discovery of high performance computing on Windows . Windows HPC news and content links: Phil's developer blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/philpenn/ Giovanni's IT Pro blog: http...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 02-20-2008
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  • Inexpensive Quad Core and Software

    You are looking for very affordable hardware to build a (perhaps virtual) HPC cluster? You are looking for a test version of Windows Compute Cluster Server? Here's one way to get both. Last week Microsoft ran an internal event for technical professionals at Microsoft. It is the internal TechEd event...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 02-18-2008
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  • Running LINPACK on Windows Compute Cluster Server

    Hot off the press: One of our HPC gurus, Xavier Pillons from Microsoft France, just posted a How-to document, source code and an Excel spreadsheet to the windowshpc.net Windows High Performance Computing Portal. From his blog post : "I've just posted an How to guide explaining how to compute...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 02-04-2008
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  • Microsoft China HPC Team blogging

    Blogging again I should say. Welcome back HPC China Team to the windowshpc.net community portal! Here's the link to their blog. "We’ll be posting to this blog every few weeks or so to let you know more about what we are doing with HPC in China and Asia." Alex Sutton—司徒安 Group...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 02-01-2008
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  • PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit for Windows CCS

    The Portland group just released a CDK for Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS). From sys-con : "Until now, the PGI CDK has been available only for Linux-based clusters based on 32-bit and 64-bit microprocessors from AMD and Intel. The Portland Group extends to these same platforms support for the...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-30-2008
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  • Windows HPC Resources

    If you are interested in HPC on the Windows platform or want to get started, here are some useful resources for you: General Microsoft HPC landing page, www.microsoft.com/hpc Technical community portal, www.windowshpc.net Worldwide one day awareness events, www.hpcpal.com Developers MSDN, msdn.microsoft...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-23-2008
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  • HPC Info Day in NY City

    Microsoft is executing a series of worldwide one day events for HPC interested audiences. We kick of the series of so called HPC Jumpstart events in about a week from now in New York City. You can find out more about the event on the registration website . The Jumpstarts target the developer and IT Professional...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-22-2008
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  • 64-bit Content on HPC Portal

    So, I've finished uploading the missing 3 64-bit Insider newsletter onto the windowshpc.net portal. All 15 newsletters are now available via this link.
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-21-2008
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  • 64-Bit Insider Newsletter

    Oh no, 64-bit again. Please, leave me alone. ... Can't do that. While the Microsoft evangelism team does not evangelize 64-bit directly anymore (there's no program or alike), we ( and I in particular ) continue to receive a lot of questions on 64-bit development. Mainly due to the fact that our...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-16-2008
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  • HPC Evangelism at Microsoft

    A coworker of mine, Thomas Lewis, just posted a blog with tips to become a technical evangelist at Microsoft. If you feel like that might be something for you and you are also up to speed on HPC or high performance computing on Windows or non-Windows platforms, I have some good real good news for you...
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-14-2008
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  • New HPC Show on Channel 9

    Channel 9 now has its own developer show for high performance computing. Phil on my team has so much information and goodies to share that it is worth a new show. See for yourself at The_HPC_Show . In case you have not yet subscribed to his blog, here's the link Windows HPC Server 2008 .
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 01-09-2008
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  • Screencast on Windows HPC Server 2008

    My teammate Giovanni just posted a screencast highlighting the key new features of Windows HPC Server 2008 aka. CCS V2. Also, check out his blog post .
    Posted to News by VolkerW's WebLog on 11-14-2007
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