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Optimizing Google Analytics for CommunityServer

CommunityServer now has built in support for entering your Google Analytics JavaScript code, which makes it extremely simple to start tracking your visitors.  In the CommunityServer control panel, go to System Administration –> Setup –> General Site Settings.  On the bottom of the screen is the area to paste in the JavaScript code.  Once you save these settings, Google will start tracking your traffic!

CommunityServer Google Analytics Settings

Once the basics are setup, there are just a few settings that can be changed in your Google Analytics account to start tracking more then just views, like site search and new user registration.  To change any of these settings, you have to go to the “Edit” link on your Analytics dashboard to bring up the Profile Settings for your website. 

To change the site search settings, choose the Edit link on the top right of the “Main Website Profile Information” box.  Choose the “Do Track Site Search”, enter q as the Query Parameter, choose “No, do not strip query parameters out of URL”, and select No for “Do you use categories for site search?”.  Click save, and now Google Analytics will track your visitors searches on your site!

Google Analytics Site Search Settings

To track new user registrations, on the Profile Settings page, choose edit for one of the goals in the “Conversion Goals and Funnel” section.  Change the settings for the goal as shown below.  The most important thing to make sure is that you enter the Goal URL and Step 1 URL exactly as follows:

Goal URL: /msgs/default.aspx?MessageID=24
Step 1 URL: /user/CreateUser.aspx


Goal Settings

Goal Settings: Funnel

That’s it!  You’re now tracking site search and new registered users!

Posted Dec 31 2008, 05:10 AM by Ryan Hoffman


juliarobert wrote re: Optimizing Google Analytics for CommunityServer
on 09-16-2011 2:55 AM

As always, thank you all for the great input. It sounds as if there is no problem with leaving things as they are for a while as the computer is functioning fine. I think it would be good learning to try the clean up - but not until I take the time to do a fresh image backup (after reviewing how to do that, as I learned about it only recently ... in the Lounge, of course!) and the back up CCleaner recommends.<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

<a href="www.mytestking.me/.../a>

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SEO London wrote re: Optimizing Google Analytics for CommunityServer
on 01-25-2012 5:43 AM

It's very nice article Optimizing Google Analytics for CommunityServer.

hutu008 wrote re: Optimizing Google Analytics for CommunityServer
on 06-09-2012 1:27 AM
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