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Certified for Windows Vista? Not Good Enough for x64!

The biggest shock of the day:  hardware certified for Windows Vista does not guarantee that it is supported under 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.  This is bad news for the adoption of 64-bit Windows on the desktop.  What’s the point of the logo, when it only is half true?

Posted Jan 06 2007, 01:47 PM by Ryan Hoffman


CES: Windows Vista Labs Day 1 - istartedsomething wrote CES: Windows Vista Labs Day 1 - istartedsomething
on 01-07-2007 8:30 AM
http://extended64.com/blogs/rhoffman/archive/2007/01/06/Certified-for-Windows-Vista_3F00_--Not-Good-Enough-x64_2100_.aspx wrote http://extended64.com/blogs/rhoffman/archive/2007/01/06/Certified-for-Windows-Vista_3F00_--Not-Good-Enough-x64_2100_.aspx
on 03-22-2008 1:55 AM
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