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A worthy person in need of support

A friend of mine has asked for some help for a deserving person looking to get a scholarship.
Take a look below and help out by voting!

"A person who I greatly respect, and whose writing is extremely deserving, has been nominated for a 2008 Blogging Scholarship Award.

If you dont mind, please take a few minutes to vote for him, he runs a baseball blog (USSM) dedicated to the Seattle Mariners (MY TEAM), and also does some fantastic analysis at Fangraphs, another baseball blog.

If you are into baseball at the statistical level, I highly recommend his work, and if you are just a common fan, impress your family and friends with in depth knowledge by checking out some of his stuff.

He dedicates a great deal of time, without making anything from it, to educating people about baseball.....lets help him out

Vote for David Cameron http://www.collegescholarships.org/blog/20...ng-scholarship/"

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Posted Nov 08 2008, 06:32 PM by The Daily PlanetAMD64
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