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Vista 5472 Mini-Review

Dena Reiter

FINALLY!  A Vista build we all can be proud of!  There are some new icons, and some new sounds, but overall this is still Beta 2 we’re talking about.  We’re making our way towards RC1, and things are starting to look better.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

The elusive 20 minute install has finally happened.  There’s a new product key icon, as well as the update icons.  The installation is much faster than previous builds.  From start to finish, I was around 17 minutes.

Upon first boot, I expected to see the new boot screen.  I was sadly mistaken.  We still see a blank slate.  When will Microsoft learn that we need something to look at while the computer boots up?

The computer’s performance is very nice...if you have 4 GB of memory.  Currently I’m running with 1 GB of memory.  My performance isn’t too bad, but it could be better.  I get full Aero Glass, and I can run with all of the bells and whistles on.  Yet my computer is still rated at a 3.7.  What’s bringing my computer rating down?  My graphics card.  I have a Radeon X1300, but that’s not enough for Vista.  What more does it want?!

This new build has brought on a lot of new and exciting things.  There’s new icons, new sounds, but most notably is the addition of the new Vista Basic theme.  The theme is reminiscent of Plex from the 4000-build era.  Also, there is a new default wallpaper.

I’ve been writing this review entirely in speech recognition.  There have also been some improvements to it in this build.  The new setup was slightly easier, more intuitive, and generally easier to use.  Here’s a tip:  if you accidentally say “show numbers”, you can cancel out of it by saying “cancel”.

There will be a lot more to this review on Friday.  This is just a basic walk in the park.  For now, keep on testing and I’ll see you on Friday!

Dena Reiter

Posted Jul 18 2006, 09:13 PM by Dena Reiter
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